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Are you emailing your customers?

Just before Christmas, I was talking to one of my clients who has an online shop. He was asking how he could get more customers into his shop and we were discussing how he might optimise his site to attract more business. I asked him what he did about his existing customers and to my surprise he told me that once he had packed their product and sent it to them, that was it, unless they came back themeslves to buy further products from him.

I suggested that we design him a nice email newsletter and send it out to his existing customers, telling them about any of his special offers or new products. He agreed and the following week we sent out a newsletter and over the following 10 days, he received 12 extra sales, all from previous customers – that equated to over 50% more sales than he had had over the previous two weeks.

As you might imagine, he was happy with the outcome. His plan is to now send out a monthly newsletter to all his previous and existing customers.

How can you send your emails?

Sending emails out to a list of customers can be difficult if using your own email program, aswell as irritating your Internet Service Provider. Have a word with your web hosts – they may have some mailing list software on your server that will allow you to import and send emails. We have this facility on the server cluster that we use for our clients. Email addresses can be added easilly and a special email address is used to send from your own email program which then forwards to every email address on your list.

For those of you who have your sites built using the WordPress content management system, there is an “Add-on”¬† called Mail Poet that can be installed where you can add your list and actually create and design your own newsletters and send them out directly from your control panel. We use Mail Poet on our site and in my opinion it is the best system I have used and I’ve tried a good few.

There are also a number of fairly inexpensive online services which occasionally offer to send a certain amount of emails  per month free of charge, presumably in the hope you will expand on to the paid version.

You will always find a way to send out the emails. The important thing is that you actually send them in the first place. It is essential to keep in touch with your customers and your business will benefit from it.

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