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Responsive DesignUp until the last few years, it has been simple. We all accessed the internet via our desktop PC’s or our laptops.  It can’t have escaped any of us that things are changing. With the advent of IPADs, IPhones, Android tablet computers and Smartphones, the ways we access the internet are now many and varied. We can now send and receive emails, search the web and even do our shopping on the move.

The problem is – in many cases, websites just don’t look the same on tablets and smartphones, in fact they are very diificult to view without enlarging and scrolling the screen and in some cases, particularly with those sites that were built using Flash or have an element of Flash content, you can’t see them at all on Iphones or IPADs and won’t be visible  for much longer on Android devices and some smartphones.

According to the Office of National Statistics:In 2012, 33 million adults used the internet daily.Between 2010 and 2012, the percentage of people accessing the internet from a mobile phone doubled from 24% to 51%

More than three quarters of adults aged under 45 accessed the internet “on the go” in 2012 either by using a wi-fi hotspot or a network connection. A fifth of adults accessed the internet from a tablet computer during the same period.

This will only grow as mobile signals become faster and coverage grows.

Are you missing out on sales or customers because they can’t see your website properly?

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