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Search Engine Optimisation

Search Engine OptimisationAre you making a big splash.. ..or just a drop in the ocean?

If you’ve got a website, new or old you’ll have heard a lot about Search Engine Optimisation, or SEO, most of it probably not very accurate and most of it force-fed to you on the end of a telephone by an over enthusiastic telesales person. The fact is that with a bit of speacialist knowledge and understanding, you could probably do some of it yourself if you had the time or the inclination. We like to approach things slightly differently here. We will work with you, explain in detail what we are going to do in an honest, straightforward and non-technical manner. We won’t tie you in to a contract and wont charge you ridiculous amounts of money or any set up costs.

Local Search

You will have seen more and more Google search results displaying Google Maps showing businesses in your local area.

If your business is a retail or service business it is highly likely that your potential customers will look for your products or services on Google before making a purchase.

Several Research studies have shown that:

  • 20-30% of all searches are for services that are consequently purchased locally
  • 80% of purchases are made within 15 miles of the customers location.

Therefore companies showing high in the loacal search results are clearly in a strong position when a Google searcher turns from “just looking” to “ready to buy”.

Furthermore search terms with a local search qualifier are 100% local, for example “plumber nottingham” or “builder newcastle”, and people searching on these terms are very likely to respond more specifically to the results displayed by Google.

If you have a business that requires customers in your particular area, good rankings for local searching is important. After all rankng high for the keyphrase “plumbing services” in Google’s main results is pointless if you are a small company that is only able to work in a 50 mile radius of your base. Optimise your site for local searching and you will receive leads from your own locality.

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