An Introduction to WordPress

by | Jun 2, 2022 | Client Articles

WordPress powers nearly a third of the world’s websites. Used by many from personal bloggers to large corporations, this powerful site builder and content management system (cms) aims to make it possible for anyone to create an online presence quickly.

The WordPress platform is flexible, scalable and always free to use.

WordPress is an open-source, free website creation tool written in the programming language PHP. It is licensed under General Public License, which allows anyone to not only use the software but also to modify it to suit individual needs and share those modifications with others. “Open source” software is publicly available and always free so that WordPress can be downloaded at any time or installed as part of a web hosting package.

We now only use WordPress for our website builds, primarily because it is scalable and allows us to provide a product to our clients that can be managed by themselves should they wish to and with a relatively easy learning curve.

We are fully aware that many website owners don’t have the time or inclination to manage and edit their own websites, but it is nice to be able to edit the odd page or add a news or blog article occasionally.