What is SSL and why your website needs it

by | Aug 1, 2021 | General

Whether you’re launching a website for a new business or want to revamp an outdated company domain, SSL is one of the terms that you are likely to encounter. While some forms of online technical jargon can be ignored, gaining a deeper understanding of SSL certificates and why your site needs one is essential.

Here’s everything you need to know about SSL.

What Is SSL?

The term SSL is an acronym that stands for Secure Sockets Layer, and describes a technology that is used to safeguard the online connection between two systems – a web browser and a web server. In most cases, that means protecting the link between the web visitor (browser) and the website (server) itself.

It ultimately ensures that all data sent between the two systems remains encrypted. This is a crucial aspect of data protection and digital security.

How To Tell If A Site has SSL Certification

Telling whether a website is protected by SSL technologies is as easy as looking at the address bar.

If you’ve noticed that your website address starts with http://www. While others start with https://, it’s because those with the ‘s’ have SSL in place. The ‘s’ is a clear indicator that every web owner and web visitors can see before they’ve even opened a website.

5 Reasons Why Your Website Needs SSL

The fact that everyone can tell whether the site has SSL means that you cannot fake it. As a web owner, though, you’ll also want to know the reasons for needing to equip your site with the tech feature. Here are five to consider:

  • Most web browsers will alert visitors to sites that do not have SSL with a “site not secure” message. It is suggested that around 80% of users will quit their browsing session as a consequence.
  • Seeing the ‘s’ and the padlock symbol in the address inspires trust from the visitor. This encourages them to spend more time on your site and can translate to converted sales.
  • SSL is a key ingredient in the recipe for online success and security. As such, it’ll help you avoid costly damages and protect your reputation by preventing hacks and cyberattacks.
  • Show customers that you take the issue of data protection seriously, which also suggests that you run a professional business.
  • Google likes secure websites, which means SSL will actively boost your SEO. While this isn’t the main incentive for investing in SSL, it’s a worthwhile bonus.

How To Add SSL To Your Website

Adding SSL certification to your website can feel like a very difficult task. In truth, it’s very simple. Web CMS systems like WordPress are blessed with many plugins that take you through the process.
Even if you’ve created the site yourself, the tools and information will have been made available when you bought your domain.

Alternatively, your web host/designer can take care of the issue on your behalf.

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